Criminal Defense (federal and state)

Both Jim Griffin and Clarence Davis are former federal prosecutors experienced in representing persons accused of violating federal and state criminal laws. The criminal violations can include healthcare fraud, bank fraud, insurance violations, tax law violations, environmental crime, illicit drugs (distribution and possession), homicide by child abuse, federal procurement fraud, kickbacks, and other public corruption. We are experienced in defending persons and organizations who are being investigated or charged with federal and state crimes. We have experience in defending cases investigated by a variety of federal agencies, including the FBI and the IRS. The firm can also handle related administrative investigations before the South Carolina Attorney General's office, the South Carolina Labor, Licensing and Regulation Board as well as federal regulatory agencies, including the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Office of Inspector General for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Having an attorney at the various stages of a criminal investigation, even before an arrest or indictment, can be crucial to your defense. If you are the target of a federal or state criminal investigation, contact our office right away for more information or to schedule an appointment.