Complex Civil Litigation

What is complex litigation? When it is your case, everything may seem complex. Our lawyers handle every case with the same respect and determination, and we will help you to understand what is happening with your case. There are some situations, however, that involve issues few attorneys have experience in handling. Our attorneys do have that experience in civil litigation that goes beyond the usual, cookie-cutter situation. Our experience in this area encompasses a range of cases, from defending allegations of a $110 million commodity fraud (domestic and international) case involving futures markets -- taking us from England to Germany for depositions -- to instituting or defending allegations relating to the Racketeering Corrupt Organizations Act, as well as Lanham Act allegations. Our experience in this category also includes a number of catastrophic flood cases. Whatever the circumstances, we will analyze the situation and let you know what your options are. And then, we can represent your interests throughout the process.