Class Actions

We are experienced in South Carolina and elsewhere in instituting and defending class actions.  Such actions can involve such case types as wage & hour, toxic torts, consumer fraud, and price fixing. Our experience ranges from defending corporations to protecting both small businesses and consumers. Class actions involve a group or class of people who have been injured or ill-served by the same company or individual. A class-action lawsuit is a significant and essential legal mechanism. It allows our attorneys to prosecute the group members' claims efficiently and effectively as a single case, seeking compensation for the group's overall losses through a settlement or a verdict in their favor. This strategy, when used in carefully selected situations, almost always yields better results than can be obtained through individual lawsuits. A class action can be a more effective approach when your case involves relatively small damages and is therefore not worth fighting alone, or when the offending company or individual has superior resources that they could use to steamroll your individual case. To find out if you qualify for participation in a class-action suit, contact our offices.